Nicky has long been involved with women and their perspective on giving birth. She wrote one of the first books giving women information about the medical management of childbirth and ways in which they could safely and effectively achieve the birth they wanted.

She founded the first UK home birth support group in 1987 and wrote Home Birth - a practical guide. She has attended many births both at home and in hospital.

Nicky has run a bereavement group for couples who have lost babies either through miscarriage or around the time of birth, for over ten years.
She trained as an ante-natal teacher for the National Childbirth Trust and worked for them and for the NHS in outreach groups for disadvantaged women, for seven years, leaving totake up herbal medicine. Nicky pioneered the hire of the TENS machine as
a safe, drug-free form of pain relief in labour over twenty years ago.
Her recent dissertation
for the Centre for Editing Lives and Letters is entitled ‘Childbirth and the use of Herbs in Early Modern England’
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